15 comely animals dangerous to humans

Outwardly they may look cute and innocent, but many, even the most touching creations of nature can prove deadly. As a reminder about this important point, we offer you to visit our gallery of the 15 most attractive and cute animals in the world, can cause serious and sometimes fatal harm.

There are few fish that look more attractive than a fun round Blowfish, but do not let that mislead you. This bloated fish is the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. Fishermen are recommended to use thick gloves to avoid poisoning and the risk of a bite during the removal of the hook. The puffer fish toxin that has no antidote, kills by paralysis of the diaphragm, causing suffocation.

This animal may resemble a harmless, big-eyed toy, but really thick Laurie is the world’s only poisonous mammals. The thin nature makes them a popular subject of animal trade on the black market, but you should know about the venom of these animals, which is secreted from glands located on the elbows. In the event of an emergency, Laurie gaining the poison in his mouth and smachiwausa saliva. In addition, the animal licking its fur to ward off predators. The venom can cause death due to anaphylactic shock.

Don’t let that cartoonish grin fool you, moose are among the most dangerous animals in the world that regularly face people. They prefer to leave humans alone, but we know that in a state of anxiety or danger, these animals respond with great aggression. Every year, they attack more people than bears, and in the case of the protection of young moose have a particular fury.

They may look like a developed version of your pet, but do not forget that in the menu of almost all the big and wild cats of the world is human flesh. For example, the Cougars can be a threat to lone travelers and small children. But all the big cats of the world, including tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and cheetahs, can threaten human life in the event of incorrect handling. You should know that only a small percentage of big cats in captivity, are living in accredited zoos.

Cassowary similar to colorful ostrich and can be found in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. This flightless bird prefers to behave very cautiously, but in case of danger it can become extremely aggressive. The cassowary can run at high speed, and at the time of the attack abruptly the bird has a large beak with the intent to disembowel his victim.

This tiny cynicality the octopus has powerful weapons. He is considered one of the most poisonous creatures of nature. Octopuses of this species live in tidal regions from Australia to Japan, and they are often faced lovers soak in warm coastal waters. If you tease the octopus, or step on it, it will bite you. Poison that has no antidote and can last several minutes to kill an adult human.

Bears are among the most desirable large predators in the world, they often become the object of fairy tales and Teddy bears favorite toy of all the children of the world. These associations are quite strange when you consider that the bears are on the list of animals known to hunt and kill people. Grizzlies and polar bears are most afraid of, but all the large species of bears can be dangerous, even leading a vegetarian way of living giant pandas.

Nice color of this frog can attract your attention, but these colors are also natural way to hint at the need to stay away. Dart frogs are among the most poisonous creatures on Earth. Native American Indians use the poisonous secretions of this frog to poison the tips of arrows.

As you can tell by appearance and name, it is a large establishment only feeds on ants and termites. Partly dangerous does an anteater the size of his body, but real weapons are powerful and sharp claws. In case of danger the aardvark is able to intersate person and can disembowel an adult only one flick of the paw.

This small establishment should not communicate. Its aggressive nature is widely known thanks to comic books and cartoons. Wolverine, armed with powerful jaws, sharp claws and thick skin, could bring down such large prey as moose, and even steals food from bears and wolves.

Don’t try to cuddle this cuttlefish. Nice looking and bright colour plays a role of warning signal. Although these creatures rarely encounter humans, their poison is considered extremely toxic and can cause fatal as the toxin of cinacalcet octopus.

A leopard seal occupies the highest place in the food chain at home, in the Antarctic, and this is the predator of the sea, which I would not want to encounter in the waters. Sea leopard assertive, powerful and curious, and knows that he can hunt people, although, as a rule, his prey are penguins. In 1985, Scottish Explorer Gareth wood got two bites at the leg when a leopard seal tried to steal it from ice floe in the sea, and in 2003, a victim of this creation has become underwater biologist Kristy brown.

This funny lizard with pink or orange spots is one of the few venomous lizards in the world. Despite the slowness, the Gila monster is able to allocate a fatal dose of poison if to tease or to step on it. If the bite necessary to put a lizard in water and thus will be able to free himself from the strong grasp.

Elephants are often depicted in a cute giant, and animals domesticated by trainers and keepers of zoos, can be quite peaceful. But in the case of aggression or meeting up in the wild elephant can be one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. These giants sometimes have unexpected outbursts, and we also know that they can be vengeful. In India hundreds of people die due to incorrect handling or with elephants as a result of their rowdiness.

These animals are more closely people, and creating a natural relationship, and, at the same time, some difficulties. A number of diseases, vectors of which are the monkey, you can easily convey to people. Even a small monkey can bite, infecting with viruses such as hepatitis C. the larger primates, such as chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas are powerful animals, able to tear a man in case of danger.

Moose have well developed hearing and sense of smell but very poor eyesight. For example, a man who is stationary, the beast will not notice even from a distance of several tens of meters. People moose attack is quite rare, however, if people get close to young calves, adult animals at the same moment to leap onto the potential abuser of their cubs. The moose instantly run up and beat the man powerful horns. Very often are attacked by moose hunters who could hurt an animal. A wounded elk is becomes incredibly aggressive.

The moose is, without doubt, a very serious animal, a hoof it cuts down 10-15-cm tree. Hunters consider hunting him down is more dangerous than bear. There is even a gloomy saying: go the moose – write a will. If them not to touch, not dangerous. And actually I even could not think that they are so aggressive.

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