5 banned dog breeds

Worldwide there are thousands of different breeds of dogs. One of the oldest breeds is the Afghan sheep dog, the breed, apparently, existed a couple thousand years ago. Over the millennia the neighbourhood of man and dogs have been bred for thousands of different breeds of dogs, which include dogs shepherds dogs dogs dogs and other guards. Now some of the breed are considered dangerous, and in most countries, these breeds banned. Let’s see who we have here among the forbidden.

This breed is not just so-called. She was bred in Argentina in 1928. To obtain a representative of this breed were crossed several breeds, including the Irish wolfhound (and this is truly a giant dog). The breed was not created for combat, and for hunting mountain lions. Can you imagine the power of the representatives of this breed, to be able to compete against the lion. But these dogs are quite aggressive, they were used as fighting. Now Dogo Argentino is banned in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

The breed was developed in the Spanish Canary Islands, it was a side branch from mastiffs. These dogs are often used as fight, and in 2001 two dogs of this breed killed 33-lateholocene. They killed it not somewhere, but right in the lobby of a building in San Francisco. Since then the breed has been banned in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Peaceful in appearance the dog has a high degree of relationship with the Mastiff, and it was called the “Brazilian Mastiff”. The Fila Brasiliero breed was created for hunting jaguars, so these dogs are very strong and aggressive, weak because the dog would not be able to hunt such a dangerous opponent. Aggressive Fila Brasiliero became a legend, these dogs are sometimes afraid of even their owners. Now the breed is banned in the UK and some other countries.

Japanese breed, a mixture of many breeds, including the Mastiff and bull Terrier. This is a fighting dog, and for a long time dog breed Tosa Inu were used as participants in the street battles. Interestingly, the dog-winner received the title of “Yokozuna” (the best of the best in sumo). This breed of dog is very stand in battle, and they fight in silence, always surprising the audience. Now the breed is banned in Denmark, Norway, Malta and other countries.

This breed is known to all of us, most often in CIS these dogs are called pit bulls. It is worth noting that the international canine Federation is still not recognized this breed, and she doesn’t have very clear standards. Pit bulls banned in most EU countries, but in USA and in the CIS countries the breed is allowed. Pit bulls are considered to be extremely aggressive, but actually in most cases the reason for the attack was either dog owners or victims. However, this breed is banned in more countries than any other.

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