About feeding the dogs

The value of the function of the gastrointestinal tract in normal functioning of the entire body of the animal is difficult to overestimate. It does not even need to possess any special knowledge, you can make the appropriate conclusion based on their own life experience. Few people living have not experienced at least once in a lifetime any disorder of the digestive apparatus. Worsens not only the appetite or the chair, but also overall health, and, quite significantly. So that you can understand the importance of excellent digestion for the whole organism. The same rule applies to our Pets, feeding healthy full depends on the state of their health. The nutrients in the feed ingredients necessary to maintain life and health.To properly feed an animal, one must have at least a basic understanding of their physiology.

Dogs are carnivores, their diet preferably, the predominance of fodder of animal origin with high protein: meat, offal. Like all carnivores, dogs have a gastro-intestinal type of digestion. They consume protein and fatty food is digested mainly in the stomach and small intestine. The relative volume of the stomach they are high, and the length of the intestine is much less prodolzhitelnym comparison with human or other omnivorous animals.After food intake the crop is in the stomach of 4 to 10 hours, depending on the composition and texture of food. Food rich in carbohydrates, is evacuated into the intestine faster than rich in proteins and especially fats. Well-chopped food leaves the stomach faster than a badly shredded.

Swallowed the fluid passes into the duodenum immediately, especially with a full stomach. Digestion is composed of many components, leading of which are enzymatic composition of the digestive juices produced by the cells of glands located in the mucous membrane of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines.His entire physiology and the origin of the dogs are adapted to digest and assimilate mostly protein feeds of animal origin. Dogs are predatory animals, have a large stomach and short intestine, designed to eat meat to satiety, and then slowly to digest, and mainly in the stomach and the small intestine. The gastric juice of these animals has a higher acidity, which corresponds to the decomposition of proteins of animal origin. But, like all living things on the planet, dogs are able to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Therefore, they can deviate from their meat diet, though not without some damage to itself.Various sources of information about feeding and the Pets sometimes contain enough contradictory information. Based on data about the physiology of predators, these contradictions can be attributed to the adaptability of animals. Basically, no matter how tormented the owners with the preparation of the diet, dogs can have it all. The question is how this crime will affect their health. There is another important component of feeding problems, namely, with the type of feeding should be determined as early as possible. You can feed your pet all in a row, and you will become omnivorous, like a pig. But if all life to feed your dog mostly meat, and then offer her a carbohydrate-vegetarian diet, albeit with the smell of meat, you can expect the most negative consequences of such a change in the diet.Even categorically deny any use of food in our wards, except for the fatty pork, will not be justified. In some of the popular benefits Dating ban on the use of potatoes. But it is competent for those animals who have a deficiency in the enzyme amylase. My two dogs have great pleasure to swallow boiled potatoes, without any sad consequences for the stomach in the form of his disorder. I respect cats to indulge in potatoes, especially fried. I, however, they do not offer. But sometimes will put a plate on the table, and then the phone rang, while talking, “the fellowship” arranges a feast.

The sad consequences are there only for me, I’m losing my lunch.In some textbooks one can find a prohibition on eating dog food corn and beans because these products are not digested by animals and can cause vomiting. However, if you look at the composition of the food mixture, which consists of dry food, almost most of them are ground corn, soy concentrate or soy beans. These mixtures were developed by specialists based on the study of digestibility of different foods.There are no such rules that have no exceptions. However, there is one rule to follow which is very desirable. Do not overfeed the animal. The implementation of this rule involves certain difficulties. Our four-legged wards have excellent sense of smell, even if you have a tidbit, covered with a blanket, and they you will find there. And beg him faithfully so hungry and miserable that you have a lump in my throat stuck. Personally, I stop provocations, buried in a book, pretending not to notice anything and really try not to notice. But I eat vegetarian food with dignity and without haste. No one at her attempts. If in recent years the complexion compatriots gradually comes to normal physiological standard, with dogs the reverse is true. Everyone complains about the hardships of life, and I comes of obese patients.

Of course, animals can suffer from atherosclerosis due to the physiological characteristics, they have not cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels. But obesity remains a problem for the heart, blood vessels, complicates their work and shortens the life of the animal. Particularly affected the liver, disturbed fat metabolism in the tissues and in the skin of the animal. The owners therefore seek the help of a doctor to detect skin lesions and not due to obesity, of course.To problems with overweight and liver leads to excessive feeding with a predominance of carbohydrates. That is, cereals, pasta and bread products. All of the above products, you can give the animal, but in moderation, even if they constitute the basis of the diet. It is desirable to “dilute” them with chopped vegetables, fish and meat products.All the limitations and diversity of the diet, the pet owner should determine together with their wards, watching the responses on the product. How willingly eaten and in what quantity? Is there not after this food disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. What is the consistency of stool, color, smell, impurities? The mood and overall? Do I have to watch four-legged friends and their behavior, state of health, he will answer many questions regarding feeding. The knowledge about the restrictions to be followed, will help to create the optimal diet for the animal.

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