Cat and dog are the most popular Pets

Animal companions (aka Pets or Pets ) [1] (eng. companion animals ) [2] [3] [4] — the term used to refer to Pets. which man contains in his house to communicate and get positive emotions. Such Pets are contrasted, thus, farm animals. which contain to obtain meat and dairy products, wool, etc. and as work animals.

To a certain extent the animal companion can also be recognized and working cattle: horse. donkey. camel. elephant (in India ), and llama (in South America ). In many fairy tales and folk tales are horses — often magical — able to communicate with the rider in human language and endowed with no less intelligence, which is almost a full-fledged companions for riders, not just a living transport. Horses in recent years, many also began to contain as companion animals (in the modern sense of the term). The tradition of elephant husbandry in this capacity (for example as cult animals) in India is quite ancient.

The most popular Pets are distinguished by their tolerant attitude to humans and playful nature, have an attractive appearance or beautifully sung.

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Animals-companionable part of human civilization for a long time. In particular, dogs are still in the stone age have become partners of people on the hunt. The cat (according to reports) was domesticated approximately 9,500 years ago. At the same time were domesticated horse and camel.

One of the oldest breeds of dogs that were bred as companion animals, is the Pekingese. According to genetic studies, the evolutionary age of the Pekingese is around 2000 years old.

Positive impact on the health of the hosts

It is believed that the maintenance of the house of companion animals is beneficial to the health of their hosts [5]. According to the animal companion helps to reduce the impact of stress for people who love the presence of animals in their environment.

So, walking the dog, its owner actually engaged in physical exercises and breathing fresh air, and also in the urban environment this provides social interaction with other dog lovers who also walk their dogs in certain designated areas.


In the European countries. in addition to local regulations, the treatment of animals-companions (eng. pets ) regulates developed in the late 80-ies of the European Convention for the protection of animals (eng. European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals ), ratifitsirovala 19 States [6] [7] [8] .

In November 2010 the State Duma of the Russian Federation submitted a draft Federal law “About responsible treatment of animals.” The document, in particular, regulates the maintenance and protection of companion animals, when first applying this concept in the Russian legislation [9] [10] .


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