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1. The attitude of the British to the pet 2. 3 this is interesting. The history of origin of the breed Yorkshire Terrier 4. Advantage Yorkshire Terrier 5. About the authors of the topic “the attitude of the British to the pet”.

The attitude of the British to the pet

&nbsp the British are convinced that a person who likes animals cannot be all bad. They adore animals. Any. And keep them not in order, just like in other Nations, to force their Pets to protect the home or other property, or use them for scientific purposes, or just for the sake of prestige. Allowed the British kept exclusively for the company.

&nbsp They are vital though, because only four-legged (and other) Pets most of the English people formed the most sincere and tender relationship, which can generally only representatives of this nation, not always able to communicate properly with each other. Allowed the British excellent find a common language, although sometimes they are completely unable to find a common language with their children (even just to cuddle them). The best places, the most comfortable and warm corners, selected pieces – all given to them for granted.

Cat and dogs, parrots and Guinea pigs are allowed in the house many children, if their antics will notice, most likely,will be severely punished. Animals initially considered to be incapable of any bad act. So when dog bites man, man is always guilty, even if it is just a passerby, completely with your animal is not familiar. And even if this passer-by brutally bitten, others will be on the side of the dog’s owner, stubbornly asserting: “Yes my dear Fang and flies never hurt!”.

Man who doesn’t like Pets or who, God forbid, they will dislike, it is difficult to win the favor of the British. And Vice versa. If you come for a visit and a huge dog rushes you with his paws on your shoulders, you should not grieve for a soiled suit. The British are convinced that the dog is able at once to recognize the nature of man, which sees for the first time. One can be almost sure that the owner will share both the sympathy and antipathy of his dog. If the same dog would suddenly show hostility to someone from the guests, the house will treat him with caution.

treatment of animals calls the British horror and disgust, which is why those who still enjoys hunting, convince themselves and others that really like a Fox when the hounds were after her dogs.

This is interesting

&nbsp About 6 million Velikobritanii include dogs, 5 million cats and in third place – wavy parrots (budgie) Common dog names – Rover, Rax, Cindy, Misty ; cats – Albert, Snowy, Fluffy, Tom ; parrot -Polly, Chatterbox ;Guy, Scamper, Shipley, Shirley – monkeys. nice food to eat.

&nbsp Britons spend about 1.7 billion pounds a year on food for their Pets – two times more than their entire market of tea and coffee!

British Pets has reached new heights. They lead in the homes of furry Pets, which are not always associated with home. According to a new study conducted by the Association of Big Cats in Britain, the British hold in the homes of 154 animals belonging to the cat family, including 12 lions, 14 tigers, 50 leopards and wild cats 16. In addition, in houses of inhabitants of Foggy Albion can be found 2 thousand ostriches and about 500 monkeys.  private property Britons also live 300 American bison and 6 thousand wild hogs. In the light of a new passion, it is not surprising that the researchers found in the homes of more than 250 poisonous snakes and 50 crocodiles

&nbsp, Englishmen made up the perfume for dogs (78,6 USD for 50 ml). The new fragrance has all chances to soon become a necessary attribute of stylish four-legged. London brand dog and cat fashion Mungo & Maud dog presented the Petite Amande fragrance, which, according to developers, is the world’s first toilet water only for dogs.

&nbsp the British brought more breeds of dog than any other nation. But the symbol of the true British breed, its pride is the bulldog.

&nbsp the Official history of cynology began in England. The first dog show was held in England June 28, 1859 in Newcastle. In 1873 was formed the English kennel club and the rules were written exhibitions. Started to create standards that, with minor changes survived until today.

The history of origin of the breed Yorkshire Terrier

&nbsp the Yorkshire Terrier comes from small Terriers in the UK, which kill rats and worked in water, in mountains, in valleys, has discovered gas in the mines. Needed small dogs to fit in your bag and be satisfied with a meager ration. The most influential breeders of this breed were from Yorkshire. So York got its name in honor of the city. During the second world war, these small dogs used to carry the message, because they are small, smart and not so suspicious, like big dogs.

their homeland, in England, Yorkshire Terriers are incredibly popular. Suffice it to say that the number of registered Yorkie puppies is 25665, what defines them as leaders among other breeds.

The advantage of the Yorkshire Terrier

&nbsp it is Recognized that Yorkshire is the most prestigious, comfortable and presentable dog. The secret of its popularity lies in a very small size of Yorkshire, weighing from 1 to 3 pounds. In the complete absence of undercoat, and therefore seasonal shedding. Wool Yorkshire is unique in its structure it is similar to human hair, and therefore does not cause allergies.

dog very balanced, not Moody, friendly, easily comes into contact with all the animals in the house. Absolutely not cowardly, in her tiny body beats the heart of a lion. Appearance of the Yorkshire dales is so challenging and so different from all other breeds of dogs, which is enough to see once to remember this pretty face for life.

&nbsp the Silky, soft fur steel shade covering the dogs body and flowing to the floor, makes it even more like a doll, dressed in a sparkling dress. The gait is light, graceful. The head is held proudly on graceful neck. Manner to behave and apply themselves – from the English ladies and gentlemen, this is not surprising, as the birthplace of Yorkshire England. These dogs are so sweet and unobtrusive that they are kept two or three. They are always friendly, every family member will love to keep on your lap for this little beauty. Silky wool is very pleasant to the hand, effleurage relieves daily stress, calms, warm Golden-red hair has beneficial effects on the cornea of the eye, causing peace. Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier can be bathed and only Yorkshire.

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