Exotic Pets

It is perhaps no surprise the cat, freely located on the boss’s couch, or a dog, with joyful barking and running out into the hallway. But in recent years more and more often in the homes of our countrymen appear exotic Pets that came from different countries of the world. This can be a ferret or Achatina, iguana or tarantula, chinchilla or opossum. About the last representative of the exotic animals we will tell you today.

Sugar possum: General information

These adorable miniature animals live in the Eastern and Northern parts of Australia, in Tasmania, on the Islands of the Bismarck archipelago, in New Guinea. Most of the time the flying squirrel (often called possum) holds in trees and rarely descends to earth. Most often they are found in eucalyptus forests. It should be noted that sugar possum is a creature, it is easy to adapt to new conditions, and therefore currently it can be found in any forest where there is the necessary forage base. That’s why these cute animals until extinction.

Possum is active at night. Feeds on the sweet SAP of Acacias and certain eucalyptus, nectar, and fruits of other trees. Insects, small vertebrates and invertebrates (protein food) play an important role in the diet of these simpaticissimo.

In case of shortage of feed (during the winter) the possum falls into a state that can be compared with lethargy. They can be utilized up to 23 hours a day.

The flying squirrel is a social animal. They live in families in which there are up to seven males. The whole family, including adults, but have not yet left the parents of the pups lives in the same nest and divides one territory – about one hundred acres. The chief in the group – the alpha male.

External signs

The opossum, or dwarf flying squirrel, a very tiny animal. Its body length ranges from 7 to 23 cm and a weight between 95 to 160 grams. Muzzle of animal is elongated and slightly pointed. The tail can be very short (6 cm) or very long (50 cm). At its base there are lumps that are formed due to fat deposits. As a rule, the tail is very furry, the fur on it is a bit lighter than on the body. Little body cover is thick and short fur. Color – yellowish brown, gray, black. Especially fluffy fur in the winter.

Limbs and head

Feet five-toed, short. The hind limbs are better developed than the front. The head is small, rounded, blunt. Eyes large and convex, black. It is associated with night lifestyle. Ears without tassels, rounded.

Features of the structure

Perhaps the most characteristic feature of these animals is the membrane, starting from the fifth toes on each front paws and ending on the first toes of the hind limbs. Jump sugar possum pulls the legs out to the sides, the membrane is stretched, and it allows him to soar through the air at very long distances (50m and more). The flight direction is regulated by the movements of the tail and paws.

Possum in the house

Exotic Pets are very interesting, but they require owner attention.

An opossum is a small but very active animal. He needs a lot of space. Sugar possum whose Photo you see in this article, should have own house. It can become quite a spacious cage in which an opossum will stretch when it is not allowed to walk around the apartment. For this purpose, suitable enclosure 50 x 50 x 70 cm If you could have two animals, then, of course, the cage needs to be bigger.

Sounds of possums

Just want to warn you that these little animals are very talkative creatures. Decided to have a possum? Get ready not to one sleepless night. Don’t be surprised if your pet will want to develop your vocal cords when you will be asleep. He can call plaintively to his fellows or his master for him to be played.

If you have two animal, you will have a great opportunity to observe how they communicate with each other. To sit and be silent, these animals just can’t. They make noise when sharing food when going to sleep, jump over the cage.


The possum always need company. If you don’t want to have another animal, then the role of friend and companion you need to take. Get ready for what you have to give your pet time for fellowship and games.

When a possum “bark”

Indeed, this sound resembles a dog barking, but it is more shrill and thin. It can be heard in the mating season, in addition, a possum “bark” in case of imminent danger or to force the owner to approach him.


To reproduce this sound an opossum uses to scare off the enemies. Anyone who has never seen a possum, but I heard this sound, it may seem that the animal is greater at least twice than it is actually.


Sugar possum at home feels great, but certain rules must comply.

The cage of your pet should be cleaned as often as possible. The tray should be washed every day. If a filling is used, it can be done once a week. The perch and the cage should be washed twice a month. This service will help to get rid of smell. But don’t forget, the closer you will be to launder the cage, the more active the animal will be labeled. For washing you can’t use chemical means, in the extreme case, a baby soap with no smell.

The house of sleep

In the possum cage must be equipped with an cozy place to sleep. If two small animals, and mink should be two, as they sometimes quarrel, and so if you want privacy. The house can be wooden birdhouse, the bottom of which lay a soft cloth or hay (don’t forget to change them regularly). It is possible to sew myself a house of soft tissue. But the material should be durable, for example, fine corduroy. For the lining it is better to use any cotton fabric. This house resembles the pouch of his “neck” is slightly tightened her ribbon and it is attached to the cage. It should be washed at least once a week.


At home sugar possum should get a variety of foods. 50% of the diet should ideally consist of insect larvae of the flour castaneum, crickets. “Main course” is sprinkled with powdered vitamins and calcium. If you do not, your pet can develop metabolic bone disease. In addition, opossum can be fed newborn mice, eggs, canned food for cats – this food is also a source of protein. 40% of the diet should be juice. Not too often you can treat your pet honey. Finely chopped fruits and vegetables should be at least 10% of the diet. Before you give your baby fruit, don’t forget to spray them with bee pollen. The possums should have free access to fresh water.


They should be safe for the animal in the cage can be plastic ladders, open wheels, which are commonly used for rodents. You can use only closed samples, otherwise your pet is going to pinch a paw or tail. Suitable thick cords made of natural material, tree branches, pre-peeled from the sharp knots.

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