Feeding the Griffon puppy

Feeding the Griffon puppy should be done in well-defined watch. You cannot reduce the number of feedings of puppy of the Griffon, without consulting the breeder. The puppy need to eat right. This is due to its active growth and development.

To two months Griffon puppy already own eats and drinks water. This is one of the reasons to pick up the puppy from the breeder it is better not earlier than 2 months.Feed the puppy the first time the food which he got from the breeder. Even if you don’t like the food that you give your puppy should not change the diet.

As the puppy gets used to your new home and to its inhabitants it undergoes a lot of stress. The food change could have a negative impact on the health of puppy of the Griffon. Because he has no enzymes that break down the new food

A month later, gradually move the puppy Griffon on any, convenient food, replacing within 7 – 10 days part of the old feed with the new one. If you grow SHOW dog, we try to fulfill all the requirements of the breeder and do not change ohms, perhaps this stern coat of the Griffon is becoming saturated, bright and has a good quality, and the skeleton of a puppy properly and fully formed.

Not worth vioditv the diet of Griffon puppy milk. It is milk and not yogurt, cottage cheese or yogurt (dairy products). After weaning from the mother, the amount of enzymes that breaks down lactose, in the body of a Griffon puppy is reduced. That is why it is difficult to digest innocuous at first glance, milk.

For the same reason, the Griffon puppy is not suitable for feeding your puppy human baby milk formula. As for dairy products, they should be natural: no sugar, dyes, various additives in the form of caramel, chocolate, etc.

There are for types of dog food.

Finished industrial feed

Natural food is specially cooked food for the puppy (cereals, meat, vegetables), not the remaining soup with crumbled him a crust of bread.

If you are not ready to cook Griffon puppy each day and forget to give him the necessary vitamins, then this method is not for you. If you do decide to feed your puppy the “straight” ask your breeder to make you a feeding scheme, to give a list of products that you can use and the proportions in which you’ll combine them.

All of this information not listed here only because it will allow you extra time to talk with the breeder on the feeding and not to make mistakes.Ready-made industrial diet (dry food and dog food) handy. They are balanced in composition. They have the necessary amount of protein and vitamins necessary for the growth and development of a Griffon puppy.

If you are a busy man and you have no way to prepare a puppy constantly feed it prepared food.

A Griffon puppy is a small, but sturdy, with a fairly heavy boned dog. For the proper formation of the puppy required not only a well-selected diet, but also the number of feedings.

Buying a puppy at a tender age (2 – 3 months), we must remember that it will have to feed several times a day at equal intervals. Evaluate your options before purchasing a puppy of Griffon a certain age.

Feeding the Griffon puppy

Feed less of the puppy Griffon is not worth it. The bugs feeding can become abnormal development and poor health. Even if you dreamed that your baby Griffon will be MINI and will easily fit into your purchased last week off a sweet handbag, feed the puppy a complete, even if it suddenly began to grow rapidly, and the aforementioned bag already ceased to fit. A from it is unlikely to grow, but easily disabled, if you reduce the number of feedings.

Regardless of the choice of feed should be remembered that the Griffon puppy, in addition to the above gets only water. Water the puppy should be constantly available.

Warn friends and relatives (especially elderly and children), sausage, candy and other creatures, Griffon puppy. No matter how lovely he looks at you, how bitterly sighs, and even if it rises on paws, and is, sort of, Bunny.

Don’t mean to offend, but very often does not pass and a couple days after moving into a new house and your puppy begins diarrhea. Expressing a complaint about the sale of a sick puppy and calmed down a bit, the owners begin to answer questions about what he ate the puppy. After probing questions about family members discover that together with grandma morning the puppy had Breakfast sausage. But just a little, half circle. These “half circle” turned your apartment into a dog’s toilet and become the cause of your anxiety.

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