Fleas in cats and dogs

Many pet owners mistakenly believe that if their pet never goes outside, fleas are not afraid of him. Unfortunately, it is not so. Let’s first examine what are fleas and what are the ways of infection.

Fleas are of two types – “continuous”, that is, those that remain on the animal and those who attack, bite, drink blood and after go back to his habitat. The latter is known as “grass fleas”, thus they can live not only in grass but also in the animal litter, and even in a secluded corner under the baseboard. Their main feature is a temporary stay on the animal.

Grass fleas are attacking all indiscriminately – and to dogs and cats, and rabbits, and on human beings, while permanent fleas often (but not always!) are selective, being largely species-specific (cat fleas, dog fleas, fleas rabbits, etc.)

Persistent fleas, as a rule, greatly inferior in jumping ability as its “herbal” relatives, and their infection occurs mainly through contact with sick animals. At the same time, to herbal pick up fleas almost anywhere, and even if the animal is not facing the street, it is still at risk, as fleas can be brought into the home on shoes and clothing.

What are the dangers of fleas and what are the symptoms?

Fleas can become infected animal of any age and breed. While infecting the animal concerned, itches,bites. When combing hair, you can see the fleas and their excrement, as well as the so-called “flea house”.

In addition to the above, the clinical picture may be very different, as the saliva of fleas contains allergic many components and different animals respond to these components differently. Often marked dermatitis with crusts and papules (vesicles), and may symmetrical alopecia on the abdomen or flanks, itching in the face.

In addition, we must not forget that fleas can be carriers of helminths (worms) and other nasty diseases, for example, hemobartonella.

Hemobartonella – infectious disease that causes anemia in the animal. In this disease the red blood cells are being violated. Parasites are attached to the membrane, the red blood cell, in the membrane they do not penetrate and form a recess and remain in it. This infection is transmitted by flea bite or through open wounds. Often this disease occurs without any symptoms, but may manifest itself after the stress of the animal.

With regard to helminth infections, then this primarily cucumber tapeworm and Toxocara.

Toxacara – a disease of man and animal. It is a round worm, free-living in the intestinal lumen. The larvae can pass through the intestinal wall and affect the lungs. Outwardly manifested a large pendulous abdomen with a total thinness. May lead to the death of puppies. Also of particular danger is intoxication with the death of these parasites in the process of receiving anthelmintic drugs.

The cucumber tapeworm is a disease caused by a tapeworm that lives in the small intestine. This disease is very common in cats and dogs. To obtain such a disease the animal through ingestion of the larvae of lice and fleas, and larvae of flashed. The larvae invade the bowel, attached to its wall and grow there up to one meter in length.

How to rid an animal of fleas?

In pet stores and the drugstore sells many different drugs:

Shampoos and solutions for washing animals well are struggling with the existing parasites, but have a weak effect, thus not very suitable for the prevention of re-infection.

Powders, sprays, drugs that drip on the withers – are used for treatment and prevention. Easy to use, long-lasting effect.

Antiflea collars is more suitable for the prevention of infection, but in some animals wearing such a collar can cause allergic reactions of varying severity. There are also cases, when the animal was injured, caught by the collar.

Upon detecting fleas and the treatment must also handle apartment and couch. Litter are handled a hot iron on two sides, wet cleaning is carried out and processing areas special preparations. The ampoule of this preparation is diluted in two liters of water. The solution to be treated region of the animal’s stay: the mats on which it rests, the floor, carpet, or other close animal subjects. If an animal was identified fleas, it is possible that they may be worms. The animal therefore it is better to carry out preventive treatment from worms.

And, of course, it is important to remember that prevention is always better than cure, so from March to November there should be regular processing of the animal.

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