How to care for Pets in the heat

Cats and dogs on hot days, as well as people experiencing discomfort and discomfort. And in order that the heat does not hurt your pet, you should follow some rules.

* Taking the dog for a walk, be sure to grab a bottle of water not only for themselves but also for pet. No need to force puppy to run in the heat.

* If long-haired cat can be a little to mow, dogs to not do this, because under the sunlight her skin may just get burnt.

* Walk dogs is recommended before eight in the morning and after six in the evening, when the sun is more secure. Need to walk in the shade of the trees, and if possible, near water.

* As for cats, it is necessary to regularly moisten the pads Lam cold water. You can also moisten and the inner side of the ears, hold a wet hand over the body of the animal.

* Every animal must be provided with copious drinking. No need to lock animals in a room that is not ventilated. Hour you pet in a closed hot car can prove fatal.

* Natural feeding, you need to ensure that the food was eaten within 30 minutes. Leftover food must be thrown out.

The shelter urgently

1) what we need every day: – dry food for dogs/cats; soft food for dogs/cats; – food for kittens/puppies; – food for dogs small species; – food for older animals; – dry food for cats with ICD (ideally Royal Canin Urinary S/O 2) medications (primarily for emergency care, traumatin, dicynone, sulfokamfokain, Ceftriaxone, Betamax, bandages, Roncoleukin, vitamin B12 amp, terramycin spray, gamebalance, saline solution for infusions, and more); – disposable diapers; 3) filler for the trays; toys; leashes; collars; newspaper; – natural cloth (old bed linen, towels); 4) blankets, quilts, bedding (old carpets); – disposable gloves; – rubber gloves; – household chemicals for cleaning; trays, bowls – and a lot of any size; – hard carrying. 5) common pharmacy: a CATHETER yellow and purple (25, 26, 27) PREDNISOLONE in the ILA.

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