How to decide on buying a kitten.

Cats are natural beauty and grace, they are independent and have their own character. These animals will live in the house from 8 to 17 years. Before you get a cat . ask yourself:

How much time can I devote to the cat?

Although the cat is self-sufficient and able to enjoy society, she feels like an equal member of Your family. It will need Your attention and companionship, and hygiene care.

The conditions in which the cat will live?

For cats no matter where she lived – the room, apartment or a big house, but she needs her own corner where she could hide and rest. – How much money can I spend on a cat? First, you need to consider:

The cost of a kitten

The cost of daily feeding

The cost of veterinary services

The cost of purchasing litter, litter, bowls, carriers and accessories claws.

If You don’t raise your cat right from the start, You have to monthly calculate damage from damaged household property (furniture, curtains, carpets).

Which cat to choose?

The exterior and the type of wool varies greatly among the different breeds of cats – Siamese, Persian birminskiy to short-tailed Bobtail and Sphynx naked.

In addition to the external differences, each breed has a certain temperament and personal qualities. Siamese cat. for example is well known for its independence. Long-haired Persians are calm and sociable. Abazinskiy – very movable and playful. Kurilian bobtails are faithful and sociable.

Only You can feel what animal You want, quick and restless, or bun for a couch, and maybe hunter and devoted friend with extravagantly views.

Kind of cat to choose longhair or Shorthair?

Longhaired cats are very beautiful, but they require regular grooming. They need daily combing with a brush and special care products.

Shorthair cats do not require this. But if comb not really, but I dream of a fluffy kitten, the Golden mean – semi-longhair cat ( Kurilian Bobtail . Curl, Macon).

Whom to choose – cat or a cat?

Cats are generally larger than cats. They mark their territory and love to fight with other cats. Cat more docile, affectionate. However, several times a year to bother with chutes. If You are not going to breed, it makes sense to pick up a kitten with the prospect of sterilization (such kittens are usually cheaper). Your pet will be relaxed and look great.

Where to get a kitten

It is best to buy a purebred kitten from a breeder with good reputation, the exhibition or arrange home. You can also contact cat clubs, which will help to determine the breed and breeders recommend. Grandmothers in transition or on any markets You risk to get a small bomber. Dealers are not always treated well with the wards, for them it is just a live product. Among other things, pay for them, not only those who acquire kittens, but also those who asks them to attach.

What to look for when choosing a pet

Ask to see the kitten along with their mother – so You will see breed characteristics and character. Better to wait until the kitten reaches 8 weeks of age, before you take him away from his mother.

Make sure he has clean eyes and healthy pink gums.

Make sure he has no signs of diarrhea under the tail and on the hind legs.

Inspect the skin, paws, and coat – they must be clean, without a trace of irritation.

Feel tummy – is there swelling. Surround the midsection, as a rule, indicates the presence of worms.

Do not buy the weak kitten out of a sense of pity – You can face many problems later.

Choose energetic and playful animals with no signs of aggression.

Do not be offended if the breeder asks You about Your family circumstances and the plan that reflects a sincere interest and concern for the welfare of the kitten.

You must provide litter card with pedigree, veterinary certificate and a contract of sale.

The best advice on all matters associated with health, feeding and caring for Your pet, You can be given only by a veterinarian.

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