How to instill the love of animals

For a start look at what is usually meant by the phrase “love for animals”. This will help to understand, about education what qualities you need to think in the first place, as the children to love animals as in adults, is expressed in deeds .

It is important for each animal respect and care. That way man manifests love for quadrupeds, birds and reptiles. Therefore, no matter how small it may be, it is necessary to explain, to tell and show how to care for and to care for the animals.

Communication with our Pets brings joy to children, but this is not the only positive result. Children who from an early age begin to help adults take care of animals, learn responsibility earlier and know how to correctly calculate the forces. In addition, they know the concept of debt, and therefore it is easier for them to carry out tasks and assignments, even if they do not want. Work the skills learned in the care of Pets.

Additionally, children who grow up in families where they keep Pets, they learn to Express their feelings and show them. Watching fondled the cat, and the dog jumps for joy when his master returned, the children understand how important it is to show love to loved ones.

Not skazati about the therapeutic action of communicating with animals. Pets help adults relieve stress, and children to experience their first disappointments. There are whole areas of treatment and rehabilitation of children in whom the main drug are not pills and devices, and horses and dolphins.

So to decide whether to teach the child the instinct, not need the benefits of such a Dating is too obvious to dismiss.

When Pets live in the house

If your baby was born, when the house had already been accepted, it is possible to explain to the child that they need to love, not need. Your example will be the best love story.

Of course, until about two years will have to very carefully control the process of communication between the child and Pets. After all the kids so I wonder how the puppy or the Bunny. But children do not understand that before them is a living creature, which can be painful or unpleasant, and with whom you need to properly handle.

If you suddenly notice that the baby is showing aggression towards your pet, it is a disturbing Wake-up call for parents: your approach to education has some serious gaps! Do not attempt to decide the question of punishment, it will not help. It is best to consult a child psychologist who will point out your mistakes and help fix them, but at the same time prompt how to instill in your child a love for animals.

To teach the instinct need a personal example. Take a pen baby in her and show him how to gently touch the pet, to stroke. Explain that by the tail to pull a puppy or kitten is not that furry or feathered family members can also experience feelings.

As early as you can figure out what the duty to care for Pets will be able to share your baby. For example, to fill a bowl for drinking water will be able children who just learned how to pour liquid from one container to another. Also the baby will cope with dry food and stretched the cabbage leaf turtle.

Each time socialize with your pet, talk to him. It will be useful to come up with answers that could belong to your pet if it could talk. So you will show your child that animals also want to communicate and can Express their emotions.

When the house no animals

If your baby is born with no contact with animals, there is nothing to worry. To learn love of animals at any age.

Start to show your child animals on walks. You will surely meet a neighbor’s dog or cat, when released into the yard to get some fresh air. Even if your baby just learned to sit, show him a pet and tell about it. If every day you meet the same dog, don’t forget to repeat the little lessons to tell and show.

Show animals will be easy: children’s books, fairy tales, games and coloring pages devoted to a variety of animals.

When the time comes, show the kid cartoons depicting the friendship of animals and humans. For example, a cartoon about a kitten Gava, who, along with the puppy finds a mistress, very much even the youngest viewers. When the baby can already walk, feed the birds. In the summer on the ponds in winter in your yard.

Help your child make a simple bird feeder. May he necessarily participates in its creation. When happy birds will eat millet and sunflower seeds, do not forget to praise the kid for what he helped the sparrows and the Tits.

But the question of whether to have a pet, is not so simple. Until the child goes to kindergarten or attend the youth group, he can hardly realize how wants to have a pet. And even if the son or daughter asked to buy the dog, it does not mean that a couple of days of their imagination children will not take another idea.

In addition, at an early age children simply can not fully care for the animals, so that care is fully covered by parents.

But flatly to refuse a pet is not worth it. After all the positive emotions that give animals to people more than compensate for any inconvenience related to exploring and cleaning. Cat and dog can become true friends of your child, especially if they will be together to grow.

How to be Allergy free?

Sometimes contact with animals is limited due to objective reasons — the kids experience an allergic reaction from contact with the wool or skin of the animal. Pay attention to those Pets that are safe from this point of view. Perhaps bug will help your child to touch the nature — literally.

In any case, allergies need to explain how to communicate with animals, only further to tell about the rules about safety.

Zoos and nature

Zoos remain a great way of introducing children to animals. If you will tell the child about how diverse the world is and what in it there are animals that will show their features and say that each animal has its own habits and the habits, the child will remember it. And will try to find an approach to each animal.

However, in zoos, many adults prefer to view exotic animals, forgetting about Pets, which seems to us the usual: goats, chickens, cows. For the modern urban child all these animals — the same gimmick, like a lion or a Hippo, although folk tales are the main actors.

So if you have the opportunity, take the baby to the village and show how to look and live like sheep, pigs, geese and ducks. Just remember that they differ from domestic cats and trained dogs, which means that treat them to be careful.

If in the village to go to someone, go to a petting zoo. Fortunately, a small paddock where children can pet a goat and feed the rabbit, have become widespread. To find out whether there is a petting zoo, and plan to attend on the weekend.

Remember about security

Love of animals, should have limits that are dictated by concern for your baby. No matter how you loved your pet, we cannot allow Pets to climb on beds and on tables, even if you carefully keep the paws and tails. Of course, compulsory regular visits to the vet even if the pet has no symptoms of the disease: pet mandatory antiparasitic therapy.

If you keep animals, inform your pediatrician, he will tell you the rules of safe communication between child and pet. Do not get carried away dealing with street animals . Be sure to ask the owners for permission to approach the cat or dog.

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