Parenting and dog training

Not so long ago in training adhere to an authoritarian parenting style by using punishment as a measure to “fix” the dog. I want to believe that such an approach in the past. Today more and more supporters among the so-called motivational training. But do not forget that although training methods have changed over time, the structure and principles of functioning of a dog’s psyche is always the same.

To train a dog – all the same what to learn to talk with a man from another country. Both need to learn to understand the language of each other. We have three ways in which we can communicate, body language, voice and touch.

Body language in the animal world the most important way of communication. The dog is very closely watching the movements of the master therefore, when you give a voice command, watch what visual signals you send your dog. For example, the command “wait”, do not look her in the eye, try to freeze as much as possible that the dog has no reason to be, close to you. Conversely, when you want to call the dog, complete the command excitatory gestures, take a few extra steps back and you like pull the dog up to him more.

OKD – domestic system of dog training developed by the father of Russian service dog, Vsevolod Vasilyevich Yazykov of nearly 100 years ago. After the civil war it was decided to mass recruitment of dogs for the army, created a group of dogs, sappers and saboteurs (destruction of enemy military equipment). Languages have developed educational and disciplinary cycle (specialists) for training service dogs, which subsequently became the BAS system. It is remarkable that for so many decades, the curriculum has not changed.

Today, like many years ago, in Russia (and in several countries of the former USSR), there are regular competitions of OKD. Entry is open to dogs at least 12 months core training. There is a clear evaluation system of the actions of the dog and the trainer, a specific sequence of executed commands, a lot of nuances. For exercises monitored by the judge, he gives marks.

RULES TESTING ACCORDING to the GENERAL COURSE of TRAINING (OKD) AND PROTECTIVE GUARD SERVICE (PGS) What is a DCD? OKD – General course of training. The OCD can be compared to a school for the children, it’s kind of the basis, the Foundation of education. All service dogs are first trained on the system OKD, and then you get special skills of detection dogs, security, etc. But this does not mean that OKD is designed only for kuzennyi breeds of dogs. This system is perfect for training any dog. And if you are an owner of pedigree dogs, want to visit her exhibition and various canine activities – obedience is indispensable. read more.

The abbreviation MCS stands protectively-guard duty. The name of this national system of training is fully justified: the main aim of the classes of ECS is to develop in the dog protective and security skills. A set of exercises, which includes MCS, fit only managed dogs, knows basic commands (for example, having a diploma in OKD). By MCS (same as in BAS), regular competitions, where the dogs are to be awarded and the diploma 3, 2, or 1 degree.

MCS is not an ordinary dog training . it’s not everyday the commands “sit”, “lie”, “come” and so on. System MCS service dogs are trained dog handlers of the FSB, the armed forces, the Federal penitentiary service, interior Ministry and other security agencies. During training, the dog acquires the skills of conservation and protection of the owner and his property. The dog passed the course ZKS, becomes a weapon in the hands of its owner.

MCS includes the following techniques: read more.

The training collar

To train your puppy to wear a collar with the moment he appeared in your house. If you bought a soft and lightweight collar that your puppy will get used to it and even love. Fasten the collar on the neck of the puppy and make sure that between the collar and the neck has enough space to fit two fingers. Distract the puppy from new clothes or treat. The puppy can stop and begin to scratch the collar with the claws, but quickly forget about it, if you make the game more fun. You can put on puppy dog collar just before feeding. The puppy will be so busy eating that nobody will pay attention to him.

Habituation to leash

When your puppy will get used to walk in the collar, you can proceed to the next stage and attach to the collar the leash, even if you are not going to bring the puppy outside, until you give him all the necessary vaccinations. You can use this time to accustom him to the leash. Fasten the leash to the collar and let him run with the puppy, just make sure that it is not fastened to anything. Take the leash in your hand and follow the puppy wherever he went. At this stage he is unlikely to even realize that you keep your end of the leash. Now start to encourage your puppy to follow on a leash behind you and not to choose the route himself, show him a toy or a treat and keep them before him in the distance, so he followed you. Do not ask your puppy too much when I first took him on the leash. read more.

The command to lie Is a logical continuation of the exercise “sit”, and although some puppies need a little more time to memorize the correct position, you are unlikely to face serious problems at this stage. Tell the dog “sit” and show what you have in your hand a treat. Close your hand, covering your fingers with a treat and lower your hand to the ground. The puppy will follow the motion of your arm, and his head will be on the ground level. Do not give the treat until the dog doesn’t take the right position.

If you’re lucky, the back of the torso of a puppy will follow behind the front, and he is a reclining position. Give the command “Down!”, praise and reward your pet. If the puppy does not want to take a supine position, gently press on his shoulders, and once it is in the correct position, praise and reward. Repeat the exercise using a voice command to the puppy to associate your team with your actions. When the puppy get comfortable with the exercise, increase the pause before giving the treat so the puppy was used to being in the supine position.

At first you will have to stoop to the level of your puppy and encourage him to take the correct position. Gradually, however, when he get used with this exercise, you will be able to stand, after giving the command, and the puppy will retain the desired position. Over time, you will be able to give the team a standing ovation, and you will not need to stimulate the puppy or reward him each time he correctly performs the exercise. read more.

To train a dog – all the same what to learn to talk with a man from another country. Both need to learn to understand the language of each other. We have three ways in which we can communicate, body language, voice and touch.

MCS is not an ordinary dog training, it’s not everyday the commands “sit”, “lie”, “come” and so on. The dog passed the course ZKS, becomes a weapon in the hands of its owner and is able to protect “their” man.

Overall the course is excellent for training any dog. Only in the classroom OKD by the owner (with the help of an instructor trainer) will be able to properly assess the capabilities of their dogs, to understand how read more.

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