Pets and their importance in the development of children

At some point every kid definitely appeals to parents with a request to start a in the house dog or cat. But this is not always possible – do not allow the size of the apartment, my mom’s allergic. And let’s see what the psycho-emotional development of the child mean animals.

Man is part of nature, holding the mind. People came out of the animal Kingdom and have to attain harmony with the world completely different than animals. However, people from ancient times used the “instinctive adaptation” of animals: imitating their habits in hunting, in dancing, putting on their skins, bearing amulets with their image.

Animals, therefore, have always been an example of survival and adaptation to the surrounding world. helped the ancients survive.

The child’s relationship to the animal has many similarities with the attitude of ancient people to the animal. The child does not show even a trace of arrogance, which subsequently encourages the adult civilized man to separate the sharp feature of a private nature from any other animal. Without hesitation, the child gives the animal full equivalence (think “picture family”, where the dog has been a full and important member), his uncontrolled emotions he feels, perhaps, more akin to the animal than him seeming mysterious and incomprehensible to the adult.

Animals are very close to children, they easily identify themselves with them (“Hey, Mom, I’ll be your little doggy Friend?”), this allows you to build your own picture of the world, despite the concreteness of their thinking (remember Dasha Panther). Experiencing fear and anxiety in relation to parents and adults, children can transfer this attitude to animals, each of which has its symbolic meaning.

The cat, for example, has long been considered a symbol of independence, “celebrations”, of freedom, of mystery. The dog, on the contrary, addiction, loyalty, openness, simplicity; the wolf – threat to life; the RAM symbolizes strength, fertility, persistence, stubbornness, fatherhood; the horse – friendly assistance and hard work; the bird symbol of connection with the spiritual Paradise world, a symbol of hope and free of off, fish – wisdom and peace.

Fabulous animal characters help the child to organize his or her life, to understand yourself, others, good and evil.

“What excites the child in the moment, he can play in the fairy world, having mastered standing in front of him problem, – writes in his book “How to really love children,” American child psychologist R. Campbell, and to build accessible to his perception of the picture of the world and ways to solve difficulties, attributing certain feelings to the heroes of fairy tales”. That’s why folk wisdom and children’s nature storytellers, animators introduce children to life and its problems through the images of animals. As children love books about animals, especially with their beautiful images! Chickens, roosters, falcons, rabbits, bears, cats and dogs tied into the child’s perception of the real and fantastic world, like fairies and wizards, kings and princesses is a fictional characters, and animals to see, touch.

To live among the people, the child needs to learn to control their negative emotions, aggressive impulses. Playing with animals, children often hurt them on the cat or dog immediately reply: go or bite the offender – this prevents the continuation of such aggressive play. The protective behavior of the animal in conjunction with explanations for adults about how to handle “our smaller brethren”, contributes to the development of the ability to empathize, to sympathize, to help, and through this “transitional step” to a child is much easier to understand other people’s feelings, to establish relationships with them.

The ability to talk, to complain, to caress with Pets needed for children, especially when adults pay little attention to them. Closed, timid, indecisive kids cat or dog often replace each other: they are trusted the secrets, sorrows and joys. Its existence around the baby animals smooth his loneliness, especially when parents are busy with their lives.

Unlike static toys, the animal breathes, running, actively playing, taking some of the anxiety and tension in children.

The author, together with a psychologist Ryzhkova 3. L. conducted an interesting experiment in a kindergarten. Classes in the group of anxious, aggressive, conflict children during the month brought the cat Wiggles. The children watched her shyness and timidity at the first practice, curiosity and activity in the future, confidence, trustfulness, and affection to him at last. The wiggles their behavior “taught” the children the ways of establishing contacts with people and helped to remove the psycho-emotional stress. My ordinary house cat did a good deed: helped the children understand that they are not alone, not worse than others, a lot, and most importantly, free and independent, have the right to “walk by themselves”, but also need the support of friends.

The kids in kindergarten twice “stopped by” my good and great and the black dog black. His joyful friendliness, willingness to always support the game, openness and devotion, he won the friendship of children. His huge size, strength and large teeth did not deter them. In Blake they have learned to be open, active, friendly attitude to each other.

Therefore, deciding which friend to have, answer the question: what more your child needs, what his problems: the cat he will learn independence, self-confidence, softness and tranquility, and the dog the ability to communicate, to learn, obedience and kindness, devotion and loyalty.

Very interesting to see how sometimes the owners and animals are similar.

A person chooses a certain kind of pet is not accidental, but in accordance with the peculiarities of your character. Dogs, for example, prefer the Germans, and cats – the British and the Americans. It is believed that dogs are kept active, authoritative, tend to lead people, and cats are calm, gentle, forgiving.

Doctors believe that the presence in the house allowed “discharges” tensions, reduces stress, normalizes blood pressure, helps the recovery after surgery.

Now you can understand the desire of many people to keep the animal, it is now possible to understand and Kid, passionately dreaming to have a dog.

Answer the questions :

What kind of Pets you had at home?

How often do you got new animals in the house?

By whose desire appeared in the house animals?

If you had a choice and the ability to keep a pet, what would you prefer:

dogs, cats, fish, birds, exotic animals (a tiger, a Panther, etc.), anyone.

Who as a friend is right for you:

What event is more difficult for you to survive:

the death of a pet, loss of a large sum of money, a falling out with a good friend.

If you have no money, what would you sell:

the only holiday dress, pet.

Would you punish (blame) their child, if saw that he was:

lifts a fly legs, pulls the cat’s tail, throws stones at the dog poops just wearing clothes.

If your child asked for a pet, you will:

I would buy what he asks for, I would say that there is no money, I would buy the one that you want for yourself.

Setting the stage for a pet, you expect:

find a friend in him, to improve their financial situation by selling puppies or kittens, don’t want anything to get new experience in communication.

If you had the choice, what sex of animal you would choose:

If a wizard turned your pet in person, whoever it was:

friend (girlfriend), father (mother), child, husband (wife).

By answering these questions, you will understand deeper, “guess”, be sure to think about the desires of their children, will feel, what you’re missing, what you can change. Loving, pitying, compassionate animal parent would raise such a child.

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