Pets on stamps

The U.S. postal service (USPS) will release a series of stamps with Pets. A booklet entitled Pets will immortalize 20 of the most popular animals, birds, fish and reptiles living in American homes and apartments.

The production of the booklet was preceded by extensive research on the subject, what kind of “smaller brothers” give preference to residents of the USA. Let us dwell on each animal that had the honor to get on a postage stamp.

Puppies – stamp the puppy symbolizes the centuries-long attachment to the American dogs. Many families take home puppies that grow up with children, and eventually become full-fledged members of the family.

Betta Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish in North America, with a graceful tail and fins, exotic coloring. These fish generally are imported to the U.S. from Asia, and then multiply under the control of the most experienced ichthyologists.

Iguanas – Mexican lizard, which is the ancient symbol for the entire continent. These reptiles were considered sacred creatures. The Indians were convinced that they bring good luck and help to win over the enemies.

Hamsters – hamsters Americans love and are trying to create for them the best living conditions. If the Soviet hamsters lived in a three-liter steklyannaya, American brothers built palaces with numerous rooms and passageways.

Goldfish – goldfish in American folklore takes place in Russian. It is believed that they can grant wishes and bring a lot of money. Many wealthy Americans have always kept in home or office goldfish.

Kittens – kittens – and puppies – we became good friends for many American families. More than 300 thousand Americans each day buy or take from a shelter a little kitten to give him a new happy life.

Rabbits – rabbit is the most exotic pet that needs special conditions to live. However, many Americans manage to tame rabbits as easily as cats or dogs.

Tortoises – land turtles that can survive without water. These reptiles require minimal care. The most important thing is to feed them and in time for them to go. Live homemade turtles sometimes up to 50 or 60 years, maybe more.

Guinea Pigs – Guinea pigs are one of the most amusing Pets. They are intelligent, curious and very cautious. Typically, mumps easily find common language with cats and dogs.

Parrots – parrots. About these unique birds can be told indefinitely. They appeared 70 million years ago, and scientists still can’t get them until the end of the study. As a rule, parrots have people with very strong nerves.

Corn Snakes, in exact translation into the Russian language this reptile is called a corn snake or red rat snake. Love these snakes usually due to the concern for eating their mice. It is feeding quite shocking.

Mice – unlike a street rat home mouse look completely innocent creatures. They are kind, easy to learning and training. More than a million Americans keep mice as the main domestic animals.

Hermit Crabs – the representative of group of decapod crayfish is a cross between a shrimp, snail and lobster. Cancer moves slowly in your aquarium and takes on different postures. It is perfect for people who like to meditate, immerse in thoughts.

Chinchillas – funny fur-bearing animals that are loyal friends to their caring owners. Usually live in cages. Today chinchilla is listed in the Red book. However, the ban does not prevent the poachers to turn them into fur coats.

Gerbils – gerbil. This rodent has a high level of autonomy and independence. He equips his dwelling in the house and will decide where and in what quantities to get food.

Gecko is a very rare and unusual lizards. Exactly Gecko is the main promotional character and the mascot of the insurance company Geico. Live in large aquariums among the stone and wooden structures.

Cats / Dogs – adult cats / dogs. These two brands remind Americans that shelters should not only kittens / puppies, but also adult animals. Many of them survived their owners and were abandoned.

Horses – in metropolis to keep a horse is problematic, but in the South these animals are almost more popular than cats and dogs. Practically every farmer, cowboy or landowner has a favorite horse.

Parakeets – one of the most popular species of parrots. Typically, paracity have very little body and very long tail. They have little “talk” and listen very carefully to their owners.

The value of each stamp in booklet Pets (20 pieces) – Forever (the current cost of sending a classic envelope First-Class mail weighing one ounce is 49 cents). The exact date of receipt stamps on sale is still unknown.

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Pets on stamps
The U.S. postal service (USPS) will release a series of stamps with Pets. A booklet entitled Pets will immortalize 20 of the most popular animals, birds, fish and reptiles living…

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