Rabbits breeds Rex

“Rex” is obedient, playful and intelligent breed of rabbit for all those interested persons who wants to find a nice, undemanding pet. Yes, rabbits really eat a lot and are really messy. But at least, rabbits are much easier to potty train than other Pets. If you really want to have a rabbit as a pet, Rex is a great breed of rabbit for this purpose.

Rabbit be sudden for most of us who like the look, sound and feel of something wonderful, tender and fluffy. But if you’re making a planned purchase, and the rabbit is the creature on which you focused your attention, Rex may be just appropriate for this breed. Below I list the most adorable (well, also does not wonderful) traits of this breed.

This type of breed of rabbit originated due to natural mutation (hybridization) of the gray rabbits . found in the wild in France. Rex were discovered in 1919, but after they became popular, they were breed from a commercial point of view: because of the fur and meat. Breed Rex made a successful debut at the Paris International exhibition of rabbits in 1924 and pozdnyakovich in the United States. Today Rex are the most popular house rabbits in the world.

The appearance and personality of the rabbit.

Rabbits breeds Rex come in different color shades, namely, black, white, blue, colors, beaver, chocolate, color sable, tortoise, seal, stripe and so on. Their peculiarity is the thick, straight fur that looks and feels like velvet. Length rabbits varies between 1.3-2.2 centimeters and topcoat actually the same length as the undercoat. This makes rabbit fur coat thicker and gives a feeling of plush. It should be remembered that this unpretentious mammals do not require combing. Actually, the only necessary grooming is the systematic trimming the nails.

Average Rex weighs between 6 to 10.5 pounds, while very large rabbit in his family. On his broad head are vertically raised lugs which correspond to his rounded torso. These plump fur balls, usually friendly, curious and playful. They make a splendid mother for any other rabbits . which you decide to purchase. Rabbits can easily be taught not to litter, but (like us humans) they need appropriate incentives in order to learn something new. Rex rabbit can live up to 6 years (despite being close to the person).

Rex need a low to medium load. They are equally content sitting on someone’s lap, with fine playing the role of a pet. These incredibly gentle creatures in need of physical affection in the form of stroking. In addition to the many joys, rabbits also need lots of attention, their non-destructive and friendly temperament must be maintained at the expense of the long run. In the end, it is mandatory cell in accordance with their size, that is big!

Food and health care for the rabbit.

Rex constantly chew. No, I really mean it. The time will come when you will feel that your pet is a horse. However, the good in this case is the fact that food for rabbits available and does not harm the budget. Rexes mostly feed on industrial pellets for rabbits, Timothy hay, alfalfa hay, fresh herbs and fruits. They need a quarter pill per day for every 5 pounds of their body weight. Fresh grass can be the main part of the diet. Fruits should be limited due to the high sugar content and for this it is necessary to have a steel heart. After all, how else can one refuse to allow the rabbit to his favorite food when he looks at you with teary eyes, begging me to give him this food.

From the point of view of health, the rabbits of this breed are usually quite strong. They are prone to colds and flu, so it is better to keep indoors in bad weather. In rabbits fragile skeleton, so they should be careful to borrow. Males should be neutered after four months, in order to avoid aggression, which is the result of puberty. Females can also be spayed, as this reduces the risk of uterine cancer. Males and females live longer (8-11 years) after sterilization. If you keep your rabbit for ear mites and fleas, it needs to be a really healthy pet. It is also very important to Rex at an early age has been vaccinated against calicivirus.

I end allegations that Rexes are the best Pets for those people who really want to buy the rabbit who has long passed the stage of mandatory diapers and grain cereals of children. Just, buy a rabbit . You are so gonna love your curious and playful pet that learn to ignore the strong aromas they present. Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot to mention the fact that rabbit urine contains large amounts of ammonia, making, thus, the urine is very smelly.

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Rabbits breeds Rex
"Rex" is obedient, playful and intelligent breed of rabbit for all those interested persons who wants to find a nice, undemanding pet. Yes, rabbits really eat a lot and are…

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