Reptiles – Pets

Reptiles have become popular as Pets recently. The pursuit of these species of wild fauna have become popular. Fashion or really the desire to buy this kind, it is difficult to say. But the exotic, of course, they don’t take away some.

However, people very often when buying a reptile, don’t bother to study the rules on its care and maintenance. This gap must be filled, as there are a number of all kinds of nuances that everyone should know the owner of the reptiles.

Before purchasing a reptile, you need to know the fact that its content will cost you dearly. It requires additional knowledge and experience.

Reptiles include lizards, geanny, turtles, snakes, crocodiles. For all species necessarily need a cage, if an animal requires a large amount of water, it should be Aqua terrarium. The terrarium should be equipped with heaters, incandescent lamps, termocamini and much more. To feed reptiles need high-quality forage. Before purchasing a reptile in the pet store, you need to consult a veterinarian how to properly take care of it. Before buying please check the documents certifying the health of this species given to you. Help should contain information about the animal today. However, it is best to make sure of that and when unexposure reptiles. What to pay attention? Eyes – they should be free of swelling and scabs, mucous membrane should not contain red spots and visible sores. Normal color is shell – pink. Skin healthy reptiles clean, bright without damage.

After the acquisition of reptiles the first three weeks it is better not to touch. These animals have long adapted to the new living conditions. Later, if all is well need to start giving reptiles all kinds of vitamins, better if it will be imported. The veterinarian should now become your constant friend, as reptiles often need to see a doctor. If there is no visible change, then periodically tests still to pass. Of reptiles there are such disease that do not give visible changes – infestation by helminths. To determine the eye is impossible.

In the content of reptiles is very important temperature, as a cold-blooded animal, and radiation by the special lamps. Reptiles a lot, so in this article, you will see one of representatives is a toad. Many also refer to this species and amphibians.

A few words about the biology and ecology of gray toads in nature. Common toad is widespread on the territory of almost whole Europe, Turkey, Siberia, Africa everywhere you can meet a reptile. Are mostly nocturnal. Hunting out at quite low temperatures. Live in moist places where a lot of vegetation and grass. In the afternoon you can meet a toad in the period of their migration and reproduction. But even in this time of the day they will hide under rocks and different snags. Frogs in nature hibernate in winter. Wake up at the end of March. Breed gray toads mating and laying eggs. Female at a time can lay eggs 1.5-2 mm up to 7000! Then there are the larvae, which grow from tadpoles. The little tadpoles can form flocks of up to several thousand individuals. Gray feed on toads in nature, mainly insects and invertebrates. In hibernation begin to fall in late September. A place for hibernation may be a burrow of small rodents, dead wood, cellars, basements, rainwater reclamation pipe.

How to keep gray a frog in artificial conditions? For keeping gray toads need a terrarium. Size 40-80 cm on a few individuals. It is best to keep the grey toad in the terrarium with sliding Windows. This will give you more control over them, and simplify their service during feeding. Toads do not like stagnant air, and ventilation systems provides the required microclimate pet. The temperature of the contents of toads ranges from 18-25. The humidity in the terrarium is supported through the morning and evening spraying, put moist moss, various, water. Moss can be moistened in different ways, one to keep dry, so that the gray toad had a choice.

How and what to feed the grey toad? In conditions different from natural she gladly eats earthworms, crickets, slugs. Do not try to overfeed. It should be well-fed but not fat. Don’t forget about vitamins and mineral mixtures. They can be served in two versions. Either feed vitamins to the crickets and give them to the frogs, or sprinkle the crickets before feeding. It is important the food to be served before turning off the light, as the frogs hunt mainly at night.

In order toads multiplied, need a variety of activities. To ensure that the temperature regime during the “wintering”, the correct exit from the state of hibernation and much more.

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