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Who for us are our Pets? Our family members, companions, with whom you can chat, play and simply be love, in return for the warm meeting and devotion. No wonder four-legged friends have long been immortalized in stone, in literary works, on canvas. And now for Pictures! We present you some simple steps that will help to capture the “smaller brother” at its best.

Born in the city of Klimovsk of the Moscow region. Got 2 higher educations (technical and economic). Until recently, worked in a Bank. Photography is more of a hobby, gradually develops into something more. I hope to completely immerse yourself in this wonderful world.

Camera: the Main workhorse Canon EOS 40d Lenses: Canon 24-105 4L, Canon 70-200 4L, Canon 50 1.2 L Accessories: Tripod almost do not use, filters are primarily protective, a backpack to TAMRAC equipment. Programs: Adobe Bridge, Photoshop CS4, Google Picasa3. A set of pulsed light Raylab sprint Kev-300 SS kit, backgrounds Raylab.

Who for us are our Pets? Our family members, companions, with whom you can chat, play and simply be love, in return for the warm meeting and devotion. No wonder four-legged friends it has long been uvekovechivaniju stone, in literary works, on canvas. And now for Pictures! Here are some simple steps that will help you capture the “smaller brother” at its best.

1. Establish contact with four-legged

It all starts with an introduction to pet and its owner. During the first 10-15 minutes we are animals “connect”, get used to each other, sometimes play. I asked the owner about the nature of dogs, their habits, Hobbies – all that while shooting will help to reflect her personality. I always have various treats, thanks to which is easier to get the trust and goodwill of “models”. Adjusted contact is the Foundation of successful shooting.

I have a set of Studio equipment I use when shooting both in the Studio and the client. Two sources of 300 joules is sufficient for most shooting tasks. The ratio of animals to light-that can be very different. But, as a rule, the “model” don’t even notice the Studio lights. The use of pulsed light often affects shooting small breeds and puppies, who can test him some discomfort.

3. Composition in the frame.

Really good footage – this is footage of pet “lives his life”. No matter, he sleeps, eats or plays. Here the main thing – natural. When shooting dogs song most often obey the rules of portrait Photography, however, an unexpected result can give and bold ideas. As for shooting animals in the room, the background is usually plain background. I use fabric. In addition, the aperture is generally configured so that the background remained blurred.

Attract the attention of pet…

Sometimes this becomes the biggest problem when shooting. Photographing cats is somewhat simpler, they are more diligent. But with active and outdoor dogs in the case are any funds like treats, toys, different sounds – everything that might interest an animal. Attracting attention is only half the battle, the most difficult thing is to keep him. It may take about one third time of shooting! And this should be done. There are a few professional nuances and intricacies of Studio recording. For example, you want to do snapshots in time, managing to capture the moments when an animal is optimally lit for composition. So, my beloved Labrador is very hard to get to sit in one place quietly, especially at a young age. A dog especially is almost impossible to get “play to the Camera”.

5. … and then his master

Help masters of the animal is difficult to overestimate. In most cases, shooting without them is simply impossible. Owners, like anyone else, know the habits of your pet. In addition, in the absence of the owner the four-legged friends feel comfortable, why start to worry. Of course, this is reflected in the quality of the Photo. I’ve had such cases where animals without owners flatly refused to participate in the survey, and together with them posed before the camera with great pleasure that allowed you to make a successful and interesting Pictures.

Components of success in street photography is clear weather, good mood and lack of fear to experiment. Produced by me in street shooting most often involved dogs. Of course, best obtained dynamic images: running, jumping, overcoming obstacles. Interestingly, a cursory viewing of survey results is usually noticed among personnel, and a detailed analysis on the monitor in the whole RA – absolutely other. How successful would be the frame, and is largely influenced by the breed of the dog. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect recipient are while running, “jumping” the dog – when playing with a Frisbee, and Rottweilers and other “serious” dogs – when you run the command “Aport”. But all this is very relative, and in any case not a hard rule, but rather an observation from personal experience.

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