The most intelligent breeds of cats

Having made the decision to have a pet, everyone chooses him according to their own criteria. In color, sex, fluffiness… Often want to see an intelligent cat. But how to choose?

Why cats are smart

The older the breed the more intelligent

Smart to doubt whether cats can only those who were not. The owners of furry beauties in one voice declare. And each individual in their own way.

All feline predators. It is important for them to lie in wait and catch the game, not to be left without food. So the brains are better developed compared to herbivores.

With the instinct of the hunter is associated with the fact that the ancient breed, the smarter its representatives.

Although purebred animals sometimes surprise with their ingenuity. This is due to two factors:

mongrels are harder to survive, therefore, need to show more gumption than sleek Pets;

it is unknown what the ancestors of the cat, maybe he’s a descendant of the most ancient representatives of the feline families.

It is believed that the mental development of an adult cat can be compared to the development of a child 3-4 years old. But to prove it is not.

Mental abilities of cats are different even within the same breed. Depend on original data, and from human influence. The more cats involved, the better the result.

What is the cat’s mind

The intelligence of cats varies even within the same breed

What is meant by the indicators of the mind of a cat? There is no single answer.

It is possible to allocate following signs:

Cat understands simple commands, e.g. “come here”.

The willingness of the cat to communicate.

The behavior of cat when you want to achieve something. For example, to open the Bank door.

The curiosity of the animal.

How the cat reacts to owner’s moods.

In the Internet you can find various tests to determine the IQ of cats, but their results are not true. Cats – animals mood. Having done the test several times, get different results. Every cat is smart in his own way, has their own preferences.

To assess the mind a pet can only its owner, who shall oversee the actions of the animal in various natural situations.

Rating intelligent breeds of cats

The family of cats has more than 200 breeds. If the breed has long existed, the mind of its members is more developed than the young of the species. This is due to genetic information transmitted through generations. Sought after breeds of Oriental cats, but not only.

There is no single rating smart cats. But the smartest breeds include:

Norwegian forest cat (Skogkatt)

Dogs of this breed are direct descendants of wild cats. In the wild forests of Norway had become an animal, tough, brave and smart. These qualities remained that of modern cats.

An interesting characteristic of the breed: the Norwegians are the only domestic cats who descends from a tree head downwards, in a spiral. Norwegian beauties are perfect for home detention. They are devoted to their owners, sociable, perfect for children, get along with other Pets. At the same time quite independent. Owners scottow note that cats are very intelligent, and literally understand what you want from them.

Maine Coon

These fluffies are descended from cats that lived on farms northeast of America. They are just huge. The adults weigh 8 to 12 kg, sometimes up to 15 kg. Despite its size, cats is very friendly and neat.

Representatives of this breed rarely pranks: they don’t steal from the table, not spoil the furniture, go to the tray. You can walk on a leash. Maine coons are confident, get along well with children, not aggressive to strangers. They are not at war with other animals, on the contrary, I like to play “hide and seek”, even with dogs. Cause love at first sight.

Siberian cat

One of the most amazing breeds. The first mention of these cats referred to the XVI century. Siberians grow into adults to 5 years. It is important that the fur of these animals does not cause allergies.

This breed has guard skills, can meow to warn of the approach of strangers. Seals love children and even get along with dogs. But rodents should not be kept in the same house with a Siberian. Too strong instinct of the hunter. Although cats of this breed have a strong character, they also love affection. And even “talking” with the owner. Siberian cats are almost immediately remember your name and respond to it.

Abyssinian cat

The official version of this breed there are over 2 thousand years. These cats are easily trained. Can bring toys, things. Very inquisitive: carefully monitor all household chores.

Cat remembers up to a dozen household phrases. Not aggressive to other Pets. Will not hurt children. Animals of this breed are very active. Do not tolerate loneliness.


Representatives of the Munchkin looks like the Dachshund. But short legs do not prevent them to lead an active cat life, climbing trees. The Munchkins love to play, even adults. Affectionate, friendly.


Cats-Sphynx cats love affection and warmth, often “hugging” of the owner. Live together even with large breed dogs. Well maintained crossings. Sphynxes quickly get used to a new home.

Siamese cat

This breed is stubborn and independent cats. Demand some respect. Do not give favors to children. Strangers are suspicious. Other animals do not get along. The nature of Siamese cats somewhat resembles a dog.

Balinese cat

Representatives of this breed is very loyal to the owner and even allow to put a leash on a walk. Good with kids. From these cats it is impossible to hide the desired toy or thing you find, get, get. Love attention and affection. Very playful.

Bengal cat

Cats of this breed are freedom-loving, they are well adapted to the family, but violence will not be tolerated. Bengal cats are very prey drive. Even adults like to play games octopodidae. Well-trained.

Clever and resourceful. Don’t hurt kids. Can be kept together with other animals. If you do not give the cat enough attention, can run wild. I love the tactile contact. Feature of this cat is its love of water.

Oriental cat

A very trusting breed. Go to the contact even with strangers. Playful throughout their lives. Like “to talk”. Very attached to its master and home, love affection. Literally go behind home, periodically ask to be on hands, like to played with them.

Who is smarter: cats or cats?

Observations of the animals showed that there is no difference what gender the pet. It all depends on the individual characteristics of specific individuals. So it is useless to argue the smarter males or females.

The most intelligent breed of cats

The intelligence of a cat depends not only on the breed but also on many other factors

It is impossible to single out any one breed and call it the most intelligent representatives. How will develop the intelligence of a cat, depends on many factors:

How comfortable a cat in the house.

How are Pets. For the normal development of the cat need love and affection.

To teach a cat anything, they’ll have to do. And cats are hard to motivate with treats, they are too independent.

The criteria for the evaluation of animal intelligence at everyone. One important playfulness, for others love for children. Most smart people think cats are:

Quickly get used to the rules in the house (remember where the tray, bowl, scratching post).

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