The most rare dog breeds in the world

There are many unique dogs. There are small breeds that are also referred to as decorative, and there is quite a large and massive – for example rare sheepdogs and cattle dogs.

Rare breed small dogs

There are in the world the dogs of small breed, the existence of which few people know, because in total there are less than a hundred individuals in each breed. This is due in some cases with poor breeding, some with lower interest to a certain breed breeders, there may be other reasons.

The Affenpinscher is a bright representative of decorative rare dogs. Its appearance is quite unusual. Energetic little Affenpinscher is covered by sufficiently stiff, shaggy and long hair. To its owner this agile dog with a cheerful disposition always becomes a great friend.

To a few small rocks and is part Chinese crested dog. Her body completely naked, and on his head emblazoned peerless woolen hair. Sometimes the wool is present on tips of paws and tail. There are representatives of this breed, completely covered with fine fur.

Despite the increased popularity of small dogs, not all of them are available to anyone. Such rare decorative species are the Petit Barbason, Brussels Griffon and Belgian Griffon. These dogs funny face with big round eyes and a distinct “mustache and beard”. In Russia danceparty extremely rare.

Lyon Bichon – miniature decorative dog, which, in 1960, the year was recognized by the Guinness Book of records world’s rarest. It also called lion dog, lion’s head, another its name – Lawhun. The cost of the puppy can reach six and a half thousand dollars.

Rare shepherd

It would seem that the breed of dog can be rare, because such dogs are always bred in large numbers and had wide circulation in many countries. However, is aware of the very rare dogs. So in America, one of the families had registered their own line breeding – shepherd Panda. The main distinguishing feature – a non-standard color: black and red background there are big white markings. Shepherd dog muzzle pandas are always spotted, and white blaze necessarily covers at least one eye of the dog.

Irish shepherd are also considered rare. Among hounds, this species is recognized as one of the oldest. In Ireland this breed is loved and actively engaged in its cultivation.

Know about the four varieties of Belgian sheepdogs. The rarest of these is the Laekenois. On her face a slight beard, mustache and eyebrows. The Laekenois is the most stable character among all the Belgian shepherds.

About Romanian shepherd who knows little outside of Romania. This dog is bred in mountainous areas. Usually the Romanian shepherd white coat color. They are excellent herders and guards. In the apartment such shepherds do not contain.

No less rare it is considered the Bergamo shepherd dog. These herding dogs dense thick wool. Shepherds attached to the owner, they are obedient, patient and observant.

The most rare and expensive breed of dog

According to the Guinness Book of records the most rare breed of dogs is the American hairless Terrier. Its singularity consists in the complete absence of hair. It is interesting that originally it was considered a blemish after mutation, however, and after a while nothing changed, only the breed was strengthened. Representatives of this breed be sure to bathe at least once a week and hide from the sun. In the winter hairless Terrier are not only clothes, but also shoes, as the freezing cold and the representative of this breed should not. Today, individuals of this breed only seventy in the world, and almost all of them are from the same breeder, living in America. I must say that experts do not end the argument about which breed of dog is considered very rare.

Not only the rarest but the most expensive in the world breed of dog is the Tibetan Mastiff. It is believed that this ancient dog – the progenitor of all mastiffs and mountain dogs, which at one time was used to guard Tibetan monasteries and homes. About these powerful and strong animals by nature always were a lot of legends and myths. The height of adult males reaches eighty-six centimeters, and Suk – seventy-eight centimeters. They are free to carry sharp winters of Central Asia due to the significant weight and a very thick fur.

In the CIS puppies of this breed stand from three to twelve thousand dollars, if representative of the breed brought directly from Tibet, the price immediately increases by ten times. This breed is most often purchased by rich people, seeking in this way to emphasize their status. Some time ago odinnadtsatimetrovy puppy of breed Tibetan Mastiff was purchased for a record half million dollars. The weight of this “puppy” was eighty pounds.

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