Traveling by train with your pet

If you cannot imagine your trip without your pet, or the circumstances are such that you need room to train the animal, you need certainly to prepare for this voyage, the journey was not for you and for the animal drama.

Rules of transportation by train all kinds of small animals and birds admit of the above categories for transportation in all cars, except SV, and except for transportation in cars of the raised comfort. For the transport of animals you can use cages, containers, baskets that are placed on the ground for hand Luggage.

The weight of the animal determines the cost of the ticket on the train for him: for animal weight up to 20 kg the owner buys a ticket for 20 kg of Luggage, and if the animal weighs more than 20 kg, then the payment on actual weight. On commuter trains animals you can carry by buying them a ticket to the suburban ticket office.

When transported in the train of large animals weighing over 20 kg must be complied with certain rules. Dogs must be muzzled, must have a leash, train ticket, a veterinary reference. Such animals can be transported in the cargo compartment in the specially adapted containers, and required the presence of chaperones that will be in the same car. In addition to the Luggage compartment,large animals may be transported outside the vestibule, which is usually in the first behind the locomotive the wagon, under the supervision of chaperones.

When transporting animals in the train, the owner must have, in addition to the ticket on the train for the animal veterinary certificate and passport, which must be stamped on vaccinations.

In addition to these documents, the animal needed to travel by train, the owner must take special veterinary first aid kit; to consider the diet of the animal in the way, and to take, in accordance with that, food on the road. Will not prevent the availability of clean water for the animal. And, of course, an indispensable attribute of travelling with your pet should be absorbent hygiene products.

Rules of transportation of animals by train

IN DOMESTIC flights (within Russia)

Transportation in trains of all categories of small Pets, dogs and birds may be in excess of the standards for hand baggage in all the cars (except cars with 2-berth compartments (SV) and superior carriages). In accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Rules of railway transportation of animals, approved by the order of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation dated 18.06.2003, No. 35, animals are accepted for carriage in the presence of accompanying documents: – veterinary certificate No. 1, 2, 3; – veterinary certificate form № 4; – veterinary certificates of form № 6.1, 6.2, 6.3.

On the basis of the order of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation dated 19.03.2010, No. 84 the validity of the above veterinary accompanying documents – 5 days from the date of issuance and prior to travel (for Russia and CIS).

Small Pets, dogs and birds are transported in boxes, baskets, cages, containers that should be placed on the ground, designed to accommodate hand Luggage.

For transportation without payment small Pets, dogs and birds, the owner shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

When transporting small animals, dogs, and birds their owners or attendants must meet the sanitary-and-hygienic mode in the car.

Not permitted as hand Luggage wild animals in trains and cars of all categories.

Trains transport large breeds, including office, is muzzled and with a leash: · outside the vestibule of the first behind the locomotive car (not more than two dogs) – under supervision of their owners or accompanying passengers; and · in a separate compartment, except in cars of the raised comfort (no more than two dogs) – under supervision of their owners or accompanying passengers with payment of the full cost of all seats in the compartment; · in the vestibule of suburban trains (no more than two dogs) – under supervision of their owners or accompanying passengers.

Shipping large breeds charge. When shipping large breed dogs in a separate compartment additional payment for their transportation will be charged.

The guide dogs blind passengers are carrying with them free of charge in cars of all categories.

Transportation of small Pets, dogs and birds with a total weight of one place up to 20 kg in long-distance or local is paid as per 20 kg of baggage, and weighing more than 20 kg, with payment for the actual weight. Carriage in the baggage car of bees is charged for the actual weight. In this case the passenger receives a receipt “Luggage at hand” on the entire route, or at the request of the passenger to the transfer point.

In INTERSTATE transportation (CIS countries)

Carriage of Pets by passengers in their cars direct international connections are prohibited, except Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.).

Transportation of Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) is allowed only in a separate compartment not more than two animals, of birds in one compartment. In this case the passenger must pay the cost of travel documents by the number of seats in the compartment. Animals and birds should be placed in boxes, baskets, cages and be placed freely on the ground allowed for cabin baggage.

On passenger trains freight of large breed dogs is made in the baggage wagons in special containers with accompanying, which should pass in the same train.

Carriage dogs, Pets and birds in passenger cars and the baggage cars of long trains is charged with things or places as for 20 kg of Luggage, while the passenger is issued a baggage receipt with the inscription on the front “Luggage at the hands of the passenger”.

In the message of Russia with Ukraine and Russia with Belarus be allowed to carry small domestic animals, dogs and birds in cars of all categories (in addition to cars SV and superior carriages) without buying a separate compartment, unless prohibited by the veterinary rules for special containers (crates, cells, etc.) with the 20 kg baggage and issuing passenger receipts “Luggage at hand”. Of large dogs are transported in a separate compartment apart, superior carriages (no more than one dog), with payment of the full cost of all seats in the compartment. Transportation of the dog is paid as per 20 kg of Luggage and issuing passenger receipts “Luggage at hand”.

Blind passengers carrying a guide dog free of charge in General and second-class carriages, compartment carriages – in a separate compartment hard sleeper carriage, not more than 2 dogs on the coupe, with payment of the full cost of travel documents by the number of seats in the compartment. Extra charge for dog carrying-conductor is not charged.

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