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Regular grooming of dogs by means of cutting and combing will help to keep a decent appearance of a pet in a hygienically clean condition. Removing dirt, treating the coat with natural oils, vicesima old moulting coat, it is necessary to prevent the formation of tangles and keep the skin of the animal clean with a low likelihood of irritation. Among other things, regular combing of dogs in many cases eliminates the need for bathing, which is injurious to the animal and allows time to determine the increase flea.

In the web you can find a lot of questions on bathing Pets – how often can I bathe the dog when it is best to do, whether there is a dependence on estrus or vaccination. In this article we will tell you about all the details of bathing the dog, which anyway may be of interest to pet owners. However, if not all issues will be addressed, you can always ask them in the form of comments to this article. Our specialists will answer.

In this article we will consider the question – how to groom your dog at home, for sure this information will be useful not only got a dog recently, but also those who contain these animals for a long time. The article raises General questions regarding the care of pet dogs, without much regard for the breed and age, potomuto simple rules can be applied to any animals that divide the living area of the apartment or house with its owner. Rules.

The French bulldog is a charming breed, it most often opt dog owners. Today we will tell you a few basic rules of dog training standards on how to care for a puppy French bulldog, because these dogs there are several breed characteristics that require special attention from their owners. What you need to know to owners of the breed we List the most important aspects of puppy care French bulldog. Information will be very useful not only for those who are thinking.

Addictive old dog for quite some time contained in the house, a new puppy can be a daunting task that can only be resolved by a good host. The second dog in the house: how to introduce them correctly – the theme of this material. Our veterinarians and experienced handlers will give some practical advice on how to develop loyalty among the old pet dog to a young puppy that came to her in fact a replacement, or just came as second.

We continue our series of articles dedicated to the care of their Pets and today let’s talk about what skin diseases in dogs occur most often and which of their first symptoms you need to pay attention in the first place. This approach will allow the owner to prevent the development of complex, hard curable diseases, which have not only significant financial costs but also can lead to serious complications. The material in this article is closely associated with the rules of bathing dogs I.

The direction of this article – dog for the children in the apartment: basic training methods. The material is a continuation of the cycle, which is dedicated to the preparation of the animal for life in a residential area with a small child. This is the fourth article from the series, links to previous material are located at the end of this article. Previously we discussed how to prepare your dog before the baby was in the apartment and how to organize their first contact. Today let’s talk about how to continue to train the animal in the process.

Continuing the series of articles on the theme – dog and a small child in the apartment. In previous articles we talked about why it is not recommended to get a dog when the house is a small child, how to protect children from possible problems that may arise, if the home dog, but also about the basic methods of training an animal for an upcoming baby. At the end of this article placed the contents of the entire cycle, where you can go to a separate article on a particular topic. Parents.

Continuing the series of articles on the topic – the dog and the child in the same house. In the first article we talked about why it is not recommended to get a dog when in the house there is a small child, as well as about the basic rules of safety and personal hygiene, which will help to protect your child from a number of problems that arise when keeping dogs in a residential area. However, if the desire to get a dog still wins or it already is by the time of birth of the child.

Often in life there are situations when in one apartment at some point begin to live a dog and a child. Happy parents or awaiting replenishment when the dog is already there, or little tearful pleas finally convinces the senior to purchase a puppy. Dog for apartments and child – the subject of this material, for which we turned to a group of specialists – veterinarians, dog trainers, pediatricians, child psychologists. After receiving the information, we have thoroughly worked it and released this.

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