What and how to feed Yorkshire Terrier

You bought a Yorkshire Terrier, and before you stood a pretty serious question: what to feed your pet?

When planning a diet York, you should keep in mind the fact that this delicately built dogs digestive system, which has a very modest size. The food which the dog of a larger size will not cause digestive problems, Yorkshire Terrier can cause serious disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, the animal must be fed high-quality fresh products, that is, almost from birth to get a balanced diet.

Natural food

So, natural foods. If the owner thought his dog should eat only natural food, it should remember that foods should contain all the necessary elements. The correct diet for a Yorkshire Terrier is a raw, scalded with boiling water a little beef, a little thoroughly cooked offal, raw or boiled vegetables (sliced), boiled grains (rice or buckwheat), eggs yolks, dairy products, including calcined curd.

All products shall be thoroughly washed, heat treated, peeled, cut into small pieces. No stale food!

Finished feed

Prepared dog food is much easier to choose, because it is balanced for every dog breed and age group of animals. In addition to nesomnennaya properly selected ready-made meals, the master deprives himself of the daily stress associated with cooking for York.

Most breeders Yorkshire Terrier is not recommended to be used as the basis of food dry food. It contains a very small amount of fluid, which adversely affects the digestion of the dog. So it’s best to choose canned food. It is optimal to continue to feed your York the same food, which gave him a breeder. Immediately jump to another brand or age group is undesirable, this should be done gradually by mixing the old and new feeds.

However, add in the diet of puppy dry food in reasonable amounts is not only possible, but necessary. For the younger York is extremely important minerals and specific substances. They provide fast set bone and muscle mass. Important components such as, for example, phytin or calcium in sufficient quantities are present in dry food. In fact, in a certain brand of dry food contains about the same composition of biologically active elements, and in wet feed. The only thing you will not find in the “crackers” for York is water in canned food contains more than 70%. If you decide to include in the diet of your Yorkshire Terrier dry food, you should always remember that there is a full bowl of water. As a result the dog should drink sufficient amount of liquid.

One of the significant advantages of high-quality dry dog food, regular dog chair that does not have a sharp unpleasant odor.

The scheme of feeding a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

How to feed the baby strictly by the hour York. The portions should be small to overfeed a dog is very simple.

When you select finished feed as the basis of nutrition, the scheme is as follows:

to 3 months the puppy is supposed to give food 6 times a day;

4 months — 5 times;

up to 6 months — 4 times;

up to 10 months — 3 times.

If the choice fell on natural feed when feeding during the day should alternate the food.

After the puppy turns 10 months, it has to be translated to two meals a day, which will need to adhere to the rest of your life.

What you should remember new owner of a Yorkshire Terrier?

The dog in any case impossible to give them too cold or, conversely, overly hot food. It is undesirable to feed the puppy salty and spicy food, no seasonings.

No need to feed York from the table owners.

Fish is contraindicated in York. You can not give the pups even fish fillet, because it may contain small bones. In addition, raw fish almost always have worms, especially if we are talking about the river’s inhabitants. For this reason, it is not recommended to give dogs the offal in raw form.

Bad effect on the digestive system of the Yorkshire Terrier legumes, sweet potatoes, sausage and its derivatives (sausages), bread, bones (especially long bones are dangerous).

It is not recommended to give York fatty meat (lamb or pork). However, animal protein must be included in the diet. Especially important is the presence of food during the active growth of the dog.

From the diet of an animal depends on many things: development, health and even mood. That is why in any case should not get the puppy accustomed to cheap food. It is more than 50% consists of artificial additives that contribute to increased appetite. Even if the first years of life the animal has not observed any disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, while York 6 years the consequences of the wrong diet, one way or another, will manifest. You need to keep in mind that especially for Yorkshire Terriers suffer from liver.

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