What to feed a puppy

The diets of dogs depends on how healthy and mobile it will be.

Here and settled in your home your four-legged friend is a puppy. Now, on your shoulders rests the weight of new responsibilities, and the most important of them is the feeding, care, walking, and raising a dog. We begin, perhaps, with feeding. In fact, the correct diet puppy will depend on, whether he will grow up a healthy dog. So, how to properly feed a puppy, how to properly make a diet.

General recommendations

Depending on the age of the puppy depends on his diet food. So, remember, a puppy at the age of one month must obtain the equivalent of a “baby” food, and the puppy at the age of 3 months – it requires different diet. But, no matter at what age you got the pup, it was previously fed, remember that it is very important to smoothly transfer the baby on a proper diet . So, abrupt change of diet can lead to disastrous consequences in the form of refusal of food, the gastrointestinal tract. So, gradually add in the diet such important and necessary products, such as raw meat, or cheese, for example, each time increasing the portion to the desired amount.

Now we give you several options daily feeding of puppies of different ages :

The diet of the puppy should correspond to his age.

Puppy 1 to 2 months

To feed such a child must 5! Times a day.

The first feeding of warm milk with egg yolk and one teaspoon of honey, acidophilus or kefir.

The second feeding – cheese or cottage cheese, mixed with sour-milk product (kefir).

Third feeding – porridge with milk, smetanopodobnogo consistency.

Fourth feeding – vegetable salad (cabbage, beets, carrots) seasoned with one teaspoon of sunflower oil or sour cream.

Fifth feeding – meat, finely divided mineral feeding.

Puppy 2-4 months

To feed such a child needs 4 times a day.

First meal – cottage cheese, acidophilus diluted.

The second feeding – porridge with meat.

Third feeding – vegetable salad with sunflower oil or sour cream.

Third feeding – meat with mineral fertilizing.

Puppy 4 to 8 months

The frequency of feedings 3-4 times.

First meal – cottage cheese, acidophilus diluted.

The second feeding – vegetable salad with sunflower oil or sour cream or porridge.

Third feeding – meat with vegetables or mineral fertilizing.

Fourth feeding – curd, diluted with acidophilus.

The puppy is from 8 to 15 months

The frequency of feedings 2-3 times.

First feeding – milk porridge or curd, diluted with acidophilus.

The second feeding – meat mineral dressing or vegetables.

Third feeding – milk porridge or curd, diluted with acidophilus.

A dog older than 15 months

The frequency of feedings to 2 times a day.

First feeding – milk porridge or curd.

The second feeding – porridge with vegetables and meat.

By 8 months your puppy generally reaches a size adult dog, however, his body continues to develop, therefore, the need for food is higher than in adult dogs. After the dog becomes older than 15 months, you can the amount of feed and frequency of feedings, decrease the menu but the ingredients remain the same.

The “right” dose is the one that the puppy eats without a trace.

Feed the puppy it is recommended that approximately at the same time. back to content ↑

How to determine the number of servings

The puppy should eat a portion completely. What he didn’t finish – after feeding should be removed, and next time just reduce the portion. In the case when the puppy refuses to eat – it is necessary to exclude the possibility that he’s sick, and only then to reduce the number of meals while increasing (evenly distributing) the time interval between them. If you see that your puppy is the opposite – eat, portion can be increased.

The example above diet is just an example. You can take this as a basis, change something, and something to add at their discretion. back to content ↑

A list of products that must be in the diet of the puppy

meat (lamb, horse meat, beef) is cooked¼, and ¾ raw,

sea and river boiled fish,

eggs (no more than 2 eggs per week),

dairy products,




Cannot be included in the diet of puppy the following products

leftover food from the table of the hosts (it may contain spices and condiments),

sugar and sweets,

products containing alcohol,



raw fish.

Mineral supplements, vitamins

Mineral dressing

We reminisced about mineral elements or mineral supplements – a mandatory component component of a healthy diet for a puppy. Now we take a closer look at what it represents and how it is added to food.

In view of the fact that in the diet (even balanced) often lack mineral substances that are necessary for the growth and development of the body of the dog, we need to additionally include the macronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine and potassium, and micronutrients – iron, zinc, cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, daily dog menu.

That is why, the puppy should be given calcium tablets. And, in order to compensate for the lack of other elements you can either buy special vitamins for puppies, or to prepare a mineral fertilizer alone .

You’ll need 60 tablets of calcium glycerophosphate, 30 tablets fitina, 20 tablets of activated charcoal, 2 sticks of ordinary school chalk, 1 box of beer yeast, 1 Cup of powdered eggshells. All the ingredients you need to grind in a coffee grinder and give the puppy a quarter of teaspoon, you can add this mixture in the food. For 4 months the dose feeding should be increased to one teaspoon, and by 12 months of age – dose this feeding should be 2 teaspoons a day.


That the puppy is properly fed, will testify to its normal development and growth.

It is useful to give to puppies, to prevent the occurrence of rickets, phosphate of lime, or vitamin E, raw liver, dry sea Kale. back to content ↑


Now, about the drinking. From 3 weeks of age the puppy needs drinking water, which is best poured in a glazed clay bowl. Make sure that the animal was constantly clean and fresh water and don’t forget to wash the bowl (of chemical detergents is not recommended, replace them with soda).

In order to maintain a beautiful posture of the dog is recommended when feeding a puppy to use a special stand (its height should be 5-10 cm above the elbow of the dog). As the puppy grew the stand must be raised.

Making proper diet, enriching it with minerals, adhering to the feeding schedule and hoping right portions, you will definitely be able to grow from a small puppy healthy big dog

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