Who is smarter, dogs, primates or dolphins?

The study of intellectual abilities of four-legged clever British scientists have established “vocabulary” of the average dog – 165 human words. That is, according to its development normal dog thinks at the level of two-year-old.

More “erudite” to remember is to understand up to 250 words and in arithmetic are catching up with three – four kids. And social development, they reach the level of the average teenager.

In the ranking of the most intelligent breeds in the top three behind border collies, poodles and German shepherds. Behind them, Golden retrievers, Dobermans, Shelties and Labradors. But hunting breed specific intellectual abilities are not whipped.

This genius dog was recognized as 6-year-old border collie by the name of Chaser. For three years of enhanced daily workouts (it worked for 4-5 hours without days off), Chaser have learned to recognize the names of more than a thousand different items! It can find in a pile of soft toys that requests people. Only once the dog can be found among the hundreds of items at least 18 out of 20 friends to her voice.

The main goal of researchers was to find out whether the dog’s limit on the number of words that she can understand. Can dogs recognize the names of objects, not just the commands associated with the object, such as “take”.

It turned out that Chaser can not only recognize objects, but to find them among superficially similar. Moreover, the dog can isolate subjects on a number of grounds, for example, in the form of (what are beginning to be accustomed for children under three years).

Chaser successfully completed 838 tests finding items. The dog also taught the various manipulations with objects, e.g., moving the object with his paw, to push with the nose and bring. The dog remembered the names of 1022 toys. Recall that the previous record holder for memorizing items by voice in 2004, had a dog named Rico from Germany, who nine years knew only 200 words.

The border collie is not only smart, but also graceful, sturdy and strong. It is not one hundred years patrolled wonderful pastures between Scotland and England, chasing her submissive herd.

In addition to these advantages, this dog feels boundless love to man. So the best friend and companion to find! Of course, the mind and intelligence are not inferior to dogs and cats. Here, only to give specific results impossible. These mustache are not trainable.


From the wildlife shining intelligence the first number should be noted primates, accused of people. These animals take six first places in the list of the ten most intelligent animals, which amounted to biologist Edward Wilson: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, baboons, Gibbons and guenons. Primates have large, complex brains, and to some extent able to control their environment. They can communicate with members of their own species, and they have developed specific language skills.

In the truest sense of the big pundits and elephants are considered. Aristotle said that the elephant – “a beast that surpasses all others in wit and intelligence.” Moreover, the largest mammal on the planet. An absolute giant who ever lived on Earth was registered in Angola in 1956. This male weighed about 12 tons, and the height reached 4.2 m. the meter is above the average African elephant.

By the way, the smallest khobotova, the size of a cow or large pig that lived in the prehistoric period on the island of Crete. Recently it has been proven that elephants can communicate over long distances. They knock on the ground and the sound goes on it is faster than by air. Other elephants receive the messages through the sensitive skin on the soles of the feet and trunks. It is from this that the group encourage each other to help.

It is believed that the most intelligent animals – dolphins. When in the middle of the last century, they began to study and train, the first results were stunning. Even put forward the version that the animals are not stupid man, only the mind of another. In favor of this hypothesis was speaking, and scales. The brain of an adult Dolphin weighs about 1,700 grams, and a man — 1400. At the Dolphin twice gyri in the cerebral cortex, but neurons in millimeter of gray matter is smaller than in the brains of primates.

Some scientists believe that their ability to learn about the level of dogs and chimps to dolphins very far. But they have one unique property of the brain – the dolphins never really sleep. These cute take turns Napping one thing or the other hemisphere. Why?The Dolphin must, from time to time to float to the surface for breathing. At night, this, in turn, meet the waking of the brain. By the way, British intelligence was highly valued mental capacities of dolphins, and during the war used them as saboteurs.

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